From left:  Anastasia Valimaki, Amber Boykin, Page Weinsten  and Nekita Regula.

From left: Anastasia Valimaki, Amber Boykin, Page Weinsten and Nekita Regula.

March 14th was a special night as 12 young ladies graced the Seminole Theatre in competition for four crowns.

The evening began honoring our flag with the National Anthem.

That solemn moment was followed by an action filled dance from the Xpressit Dance Center that if attempted by the audience would put most in traction. Wow!

Being present last year, one was able to see that the previous winners had transform into young ladies filled with confidence and stage presence. That is what makes today’s Pageants more than just the beauty contests of the past.

Mistresses of Ceremonies, Michaela McLean, Miss Florida 2019, took control of the microphone as a seasoned professional.

Danielle Ball, Miss South Florida 2019, was a more than able assistant along with Amanda Shoopman, Miss Everglades 2019, and Macy Brockelbank,

Miss South Florida Outstanding Teen 2019.

After the introduction of the Judges, the program began with the Continuation of Interviews for Miss Candidates. An On Stage Question Session for the teen candidates followed.

Other segments judged were Lifestyle and Fitness, Talent, Evening Wear and Comments on Personal Goals regarding Social Issues.

And the winners are - Miss South Florida: Page Weinsten, Miss Everglades: Amber Boykin, Miss Homestead: Anastasia Valimaki, and South Florida Teen:

Nekita Regula.

It was nice being part of the growing audience with hopes of returning next year as this program continues to blossom.

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