The audience danced the night away at the Mersey Beatles  performance at the Seminole Theatre on Friday.

The audience danced the night away at the Mersey Beatles

performance at the Seminole Theatre on Friday.

For those who remember the album “Abbey Road” by the Beatles, can you believe it was released in 1969, 50 years ago?

Just the picture on the album jacket brings back thoughts of classics hits like “Here Comes the Sun,” “Something,” and “Oh! Darling.”

So when the members of the Golden Circle, under the guidance of Evelyn Guilfoyle decided to support the Mersey Beatle Concert at the Seminole Theatre, there was no doubt that this quartet, also from Liverpool, would be playing to a sellout crowd.

After pizza & wine, a photo session was held with the performers. Then all entered the theatre where Julia, John Lennon’s sister, spoke on a charitable organization named Strawberry Fields in Wootton, England. This organization was started as a children’s home by the Salvation Army in 1935. Today, it has reopened its doors as an educational center helping challenged kids adjust to society. Check out: (

Now the stage was ready for action as the Mersey Beatles brought Abbey Road “across the pond” to Homestead, Florida where they played one tune after the other.

They did a great job of duplicating the music with their voices and musical instruments, but I realized my conservative mind and ears, with few exceptions, really did not like most of the songs on the original Abbey Road album.

After a social intermission, all regained their seats for a few seconds until the Mersey Beatles belted out the fabulous songs that established the early Beatles as the sensational group of the century. Everyone from 8 to 80 was on their feet dancing in place to rhythms of “She Loves You,” “All My Loving,” “Please Please Me,” Hard Days Night,” and dozens more.

After the final song, the announcement was made that the Mersey Beatles were booked to reappear at the Seminole Theatre next February to the delight of the excited audience as your reporter shouted out, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”

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