Ellie Schneiderman

Ellie Schneiderman

The local art world lost a major figure on the 18th of April with the passing of Ellie Schneiderman.

Ellie developed three major art communities, the South Florida Art Center on Lincoln Road in 1983 (later named the Art Center South Florida) the Miami Artworks in 1993, and in 2000 she and her partner I. Stanley Levine came to Homestead to start ArtSouth on the grounds of the original abandoned First Baptist Church of Homestead on Krome Avenue.

ArtSouth served the visual arts, housed a foundry, and even promoted the performing arts. Today, ArtSouth is located in South Miami while the original site at 240 N. Krome Avenue is the home of the Atala Montessori School of Creative Expression.

Local artists in our community such as Mimi Dickson and Fernando Vallejo were part of the original 10 resident artists who had studios on the grounds of ArtSouth while visiting artists such as Romero Britto left their mark on the studio with colorful murals. Resident artists were part of an educational art program that enhanced the reputation of the art center and greatly benefitted the local community.

In addition to educational programs and artist studios, ArtSouth was renowned for the Saturday Open House receptions that brought the community and the artists together.

It was Ellie’s dream to support and promote all forms of artistic expression from emerging and established artists in South Florida. Her vibrant personality and her vision will be missed.

Submitted by Yvonne Knowles

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