Illuminate Coral Gables (ICG), a new public art initiative focusing on the intentional use of light and technology to transform public art by day into magical and mysterious work at night.

ICG’s eight projects include video projections, sculpture and art installations by a stellar group of local, national and international artists including Kiki Smith and Cai Guo-Qiang.

Blue Night, sponsored by the City of Coral Gables will be installed in Giralda Plaza. Forty-two suspended mirrored renderings of animal constellations from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres will reflect light through transparent blue plexiglass with holographic vinyl stars denoting the constellations. An Augmented Reality (AR) component will enable viewers to see ghosted constellation images and asterism on their devices throughout the day and night.

Cai Guo-Qiang’s Fireflies is being exhibited in South Florida for the first time. This interactive and mesmerizing public artwork will meander through downtown adding color and joy through handmade Chinese silk lanterns.

ICG’s educational component, through a partnership with Florida International University’s Art and Art History Department will include a projection mapped video and sound-based work by professor Jonathan Perez with six undergraduate and graduate students that focuses on the intersection of the natural and built environment of South Florida and the City of Coral Gables.

The project will cover the west side of the Coral Gables Museum.

The CGCF is using art and culture as a beacon of resiliency, community strength and support for residents, visitors and its vital small business

community while realizing a museum quality exhibition

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