Beautiful organic gardening

Beautiful, successful, organic gardening

There are always ways to improve the gardening experience and the results with innovative techniques, approaches and products. From choosing eco-friendly plant food to updating the containers used for planting, here are a few tips gardeners can use to up their gardening game no matter what or where they want to grow.

Go organic.

The 21st century consumer is demanding new ways to grow plants. At the same time, research shows that performance is more important than ever for organic solutions. Miracle-Gro(R) Performance Organic solves this consumer pain point: no compromise, just results - guaranteed. This line of soils and plant foods features a revolutionary blend of natural and organic materials and locally sourced, specially aged compost and includes a container mix, in-ground soil and different plant nutrition options. Gardeners now have an organic solution that achieves results on par with - or better than - conventional products.

Raise your garden.

Gardeners with yards that have persistent pests and critters, or that have problems with excessive weeds, soil compaction and drainage, should consider using a raised garden bed to elevate it off the ground. This simple solution can be built to any size or height, as long as there is at least 6-12 inches of soil depth for root growth, depending on the plants (more is better).

Grow vertically.

Especially with limited space, a trellis, fence or other strong support structure allows a gardener to grow upwards with ferns, bromeliads, vines or begonias as well as edible plants like tomatoes, peas, pole beans and some types of squash. This approach can also provide a beautiful aesthetic to a home's landscape. Choose the vine varieties (not bush varieties) of vegetables when growing vertically. The structure can be built from a raised garden bed, patio or terrace, or directly from the ground, and must be strong enough to withstand the weight of mature fruits and vegetables.

Grow indoors.

Gone are the days when a garden must grow outdoors. With the right equipment, a gardener can grow indoors year-round with little space, and feel empowered by knowing where their food came from.

The Miracle-Gro(R) Twelve Indoor Growing System is an easy-to-use, hydroponic system that is designed to blend in with home decor, while providing ideal growing conditions for plants to thrive indoors. The growing system connects to the Miracle-Gro Twelve App via Bluetooth technology to monitor the water level, control the light, set a growing schedule and receive nutrient reminders.

The system is specially designed to grow a wide variety of leafy greens and fresh herbs. It can fit up to four plants at once, and it's stackable so indoor gardeners can grow twice as many plants in the same footprint.

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