Consumer confidence is reaching new highs, with 73% of back-to-school shoppers saying they were neutral or unconcerned about shopping in-store currently.

This is a major leap from previous pandemic-era surveys. As part of its mission to solve complex retail challenges related to consumer confidence, health and safety, Sensormatic Solutions is providing its top three strategies to improve your back-to-school shopping experience.

During the pandemic, retailers large and small implemented and perfected an array of shopping options in an effort to keep customers and staff healthy and safe.

The good news? These options are not going away. While in-store shopping is the most popular way people plan to stock up on school essentials this year, according to survey results, options like buy online, pickup in stores, curbside pickup and online shopping allow you to leisurely comparison shop from the comfort of home. And, thanks to innovations in inventory tracking software, these options have become a highly reliable way to get what you need when you want it.

With the high demand in apparel and school supplies – 70% and 53%, respectively, say they plan to spend the most on those categories this year – it may be a good idea to get a head start on preparing your children for in-person learning. Consider going to stores earlier than you may have in the past to beat the rush and get the products you and your children need.

Find out whether your state offers a tax-free shopping period. Timing your shopping to occur during this period can help you save substantially at checkout, especially if you’re among the 12% of consumers planning to spend more this year compared to last.

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