Where and how to place differing sizes of art in an exhibit always requires a discussion.

Where and how to place differing sizes of art in an exhibit always requires a discussion.  

With excitement building toward the grand opening of the downtown Homestead Station, the Historic Seminole Theatre began their 2019-2020 Showcase Series with the immensely popular Mersey Beatles show. Saturday, October 12, 2019 was especially active preparing for next up Shana Tucker, ChamberSoul Chronicles. The talented singer/songwriter incorporated the local area Children's Voice Chorus into her performance and students were up and downstairs with various tasks. More than two dozen artists and members of Homestead Center for the Arts (HCA) added to the maneuvering due to a coincidence of timing. In keeping with the Seminole’s performing arts center function, artists were delivering approximately forty pieces to be hung for the new exhibit, “The Essence of South Florida”.

Not long after the theatre was restored, “The Artist in the Spotlight Program” created by Homestead’s then Vice-Mayor Stephen Shelley, was given permanent space in the theatre. The exhibits rotate every two months and in addition to art, the current one has two distinct, “firsts”.

Although there have been multiple artists on display in partnerships or groups, twenty-six artists together is the largest number to simultaneously display since the program has been in the Seminole. There is a mix of mediums in paintings and photographs and the other “first” is a father-daughter-granddaughter trio (Bill Reese, Kimberly Guhin, and Samantha Gwyn) and return of a husband-wife-son family of artists (Carlos Franco, Natalie Prieto, and Antonio Franco). Among artists Ricardo Arnaldo, Leonard Askowitz, Judy Brown, Marta Cubillas, Mimi Dickson, Marie Ferraro, Byrony Forbes , Marie Pilar Geade, Tonya Howington, Hugh Hudson, Cristina Keller, Barbara Livieri, Inna Malostovker, Claudia Masella, Carol McGunagle , Mimi Meyerson, Patricia Newlan, Liliana Orozco, Ernesto Rodriguez-Corria, and Susan Sorrentino, several have been featured in previous exhibits.

Nancy Coppola, Chair of the Bea Peskoe Art Committee of HCA, praised the effort. “Thanks to everyone who hung the ‘Essence of South Florida’ show now at the Seminole. It was a long, 2-hour labor of love and we also want to thank the many artists who offered their help. A reminder to those who will be going in to see the exhibit that part of the show is on the 2nd floor as there wasn't enough room on the first floor to hang all of the work. Lots of wonderful photography on the 2nd floor!”

“The Essence of South Florida” runs through the end of November. A “Meet the Artist” reception is tentatively scheduled Thursday November 14, 2019; 6:00-8:00 p.m. There is no charge for the exhibits or receptions. The Artist in the Spotlight shows provide theatre-goers with the additional dimension of visual arts as they can enjoy the exhibits before or after performances. Information about exhibits, artists and receptions are always posted to the

website of http://seminoletheatre.org

Many of the artists on display have individual pages with other examples of their work in the Artist Gallery of http://homesteadcenterforthearts.com. HCA was established in 1977 to highlight and promote the love of local arts and culture. There are individual members as well as almost twenty

affiliated groups such as the artists, the Lamplighters Writers, the East Everglades Orchids Society, the South Florida Woodturners Guild, and much more.

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