When the first Camp Seminole opened in 2018, the anticipated response more than met expectations and the following year was even better. The COVID-19 response shut-down of the Seminole Theatre raised questions as to what would happen this year as summer productions were rescheduled.

Katherine Rubio, Executive Director, and her team once again thought through the process and adapted to allow for a smaller, yet creative camp.

Monday, July 6, 2020, the doors opened to eighteen students instead of forty-five and the centuries-old “Cycle Play” is the model for this year. At one time, churches were the realm of theatre. As it moved beyond those walls and into the communities and guilds throughout Europe, short plays proliferated until they were organized into “great cycles”. It was not uncommon for these cycles to be up to fifty short plays that were sometimes performed over two or three days.

The description from the Seminole Theatre explains their practical, modern-day adaptation. “This year, we will be hosting a smaller more intimate cycle

theatre style summer camp. Cycle plays have been around for hundreds of years, and involve performers keeping their distance in separate rooms to tell the same story together in sequences. Our 6-week camp will be broken into small groups led by our talented instructors; campers will be working with towards an original cycle play that will take place in different areas of our theatre.” 

Three groups of six students (cohorts) each will have two designated staff members who stay with the designated camp group throughout the

entire camp. The groups will occupy a designated area in the building. They have their own entrances, bathrooms, workspaces, etc., and the groups stay with their group through the entire camp. Students bring their own face masks and extra sanitations measures are being taken daily.

Unlike the end-of-program performance in previous summers, this year will be specially managed. “During the last two days of camp, all cohorts of campers will come to the theatre and perform their section of the play in separate spaces in the building. Parents can purchase tickets for a specific time slot to get a walk-through experience of the theatre as they watch each different scene play out in separate areas of the theatre. All guests are required to bring their own face masks, and there will be no more than ten guests permitted in each performance space at a time.” All parents will be provided a handbook the first day of camp explaining the procedures.

Students range from age eight to fourteen and the camp runs until August 14, 2020.

Although the Seminole Theatre will remain closed within guidelines suggested by the CDC and directives from the City and County, if re-opening is allowed, October performances are, “Bee Gees Now!”, Friday, Oct 2, 2020 and “Legally Blonde Jr, The Musical”, Friday Oct 9 and Saturday Oct 10, 2020. The Long Run: A journey through the music of the Eagles is scheduled for Friday,

Nov 13, 2020. Go to http://seminoletheatre.org.

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