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SDNL contributor Phil Marraccini tells us about his experience testing positive and suffering through Covid-19.

On the advice of her doctor, my wife Patty decided not to vaccinate, due to underlining medical conditions. As a family we chose to remain unvaccinated. After all, I have lived a healthy life with only minor illnesses and injuries never even showing flu symptoms. In fact, my only times in the hospital were with a severe concussion about 10 years ago and being with “Mama” at my birth in 1946. So, “no brainer for me, no shots.”

Well, on August 22, I tested positive for Covid-19 several days after attending a birthday party with 35 guests. Must admit, our guard was down as no one wore masks which violated my philosophy. Well, 34 of the 35 in attendance came down with the illness within a few days, though more than 50% had been vaccinated. I cannot answer whether the vaccinated suffered lesser symptoms or recovered faster but this tough guy was humbled as being the worst.

At first, symptoms were mild. I began taking professional treatments at home. Medicines changed my metabolism and I could not sleep. By day 10, pneumonia set in and thus it was off to the hospital for an unremembered number of days.

After being released, plus a week of rest, chest pains followed as labored breathing returned. CT scan results commanded being rushed to the E.R. with blood clots in both lungs. Eventually, blood thinners were started through an I.V. followed by another six days in the hospital. Though I still had minor chest pains, I was allow to return home for a short-lived recovery.

Hopefully, my last attack came on Sept 7th when those minor chest pains brought me to my knees in excruciating pain. After several failed attempts to sit in our family SUV my wife was able to rush me to Hospital in Kendall.

Doubled over on arrival, treatment began with morphine delivered after several new CT scans of my lungs. It was determined that several clots had blocked the blood flow to about 10% of my right lung causing the nerve endings to react in a rare yet crippling manner known as “infarction.” Though that part of my lung is non-functional, the balance of my lung capacity is ample for a normal life.

I am now recovering at home with prayers from friends, well-wishers and intervention from the hand of God!

Critics continue to ask, “Why didn’t you get the shot? Are you going to get vaccinated now? Will you tell others to get vaccinated? My answer to all is this: Vaccination is a personal decision that should be decided each individual, not by force. Due to my present condition, being on blood thinners and other medications I cannot consider vaccination for at least 90 days, at which time I will review all updated medical data. In the meantime, hopefully Covid will not “throw me anymore curveballs.”

Though my test results for the virus are now negative, if you see me in public I will be wearing a mask, as before, not knowing if it provides protection for me but as a symbol of respect to others showing that I am willing to put up with a bit of discomfort to let others know I care.

Whatever your decision, be aware that this virus can be deadly, so live your life accordingly, being thankful for each day. Show a bit more love to your family, friends, strangers and even those you are not too fond of. Remember, medicine can relieve physical pain but nothing can match the soothing feeling of peace from within our hearts.

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