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Donate: Donate to organizations directly benefitting Ukrainians. One to consider is Razom for Ukraine, which is providing medical and communication supplies to the regions that need it most, evacuating vulnerable populations to safer regions of the country, and advocating internationally for the nation’s future. Proceeds from Door County Candle Company’s Ukraine candle and Lakeshore and Lemongrass candles go to Razom. To learn more, visit Donations can also be made to Sunflower of Peace, which is distributing first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments and other means of survival in the areas affected by violence. Visit to learn more about their efforts.

Take action: Voice your support for Ukraine by contacting your congressional representatives and by taking part in peaceful demonstrations and rallies.

Tweet and share: Sign petitions demanding peaceful solutions in the region and share them on social. Visit and to learn more and to show your support.

Reserve an Airbnb in Ukraine: The idea is not to vacation in the country, but to deliver needed cash to citizens during wartime. Many hosts have lost their income, and at the same time, are allowing other Ukrainian refugees to stay in their properties for free. As of March 4, 61,000 nights were booked by users worldwide for a total of $2 million. If you’re an Airbnb host yourself, you can also consider signing up to offer free temporary stays to refugees. Visit to learn more.

Celebrate Ukrainian culture: Ukrainian Independence Day, August 24, 2022, will have an even deeper significance this year. The event is typically celebrated with festivals across the United States presenting traditional dress, dances and popular cuisine. This year, it will be an opportunity to demonstrate love and support, connect with Ukrainian neighbors and refugees, and learn about the country. You can also fly the Ukrainian flag to demonstrate your support, as well as learn more about its meaning: the top blue band symbolizes the sky and the bottom yellow band symbolizes wheat fields.

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